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Ewan Mitchell


“Listening & learning are often overlooked when investing.”

Ewan worked at Barclays for seven years where he was a part of the top ranked EU Consumer Staples equity research team. He was lead analyst on EU Soft Drinks whilst also covering EU large cap Beverages. Prior to this he covered large cap Food & HPC. Before Equity Research, Ewan worked on the UK strategy for Barclays Corporate & Investment bank.

He currently consults for Planet Tracker, a financial think tank aligning financial markets with a sustainable future, writing thought leadership pieces on the food system and land use. Ewan has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Diploma in Industrial Studies from Loughborough University.

Ewan looks for high quality business with top-class intangible assets. With his background in Consumer Staples he is constantly looking for brands in unique spaces. Ewan believes a high-quality business is one which generates a good return on operating capital and has a strong cashflow. His view is that reinvesting earnings, in quality businesses, will compound returns in the outer years.